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Friday, February 11th, 2005
4:17 pm
sooo things have been the usual not great but they can always be worse i guess i mean im spending valentines day alone again but not really i mean we'll talk on the phone like last year.... i have no money! my bank account only has 5$ in it n i still need to buy books and art supplies cuz i keep stealing everyone elses.... i need to get obliterated this weekend so i can forget about everything im pissed off about which is a lot cuz its easier to be pissed off than it is to just be happy i guess....the next weekend im in boston me n some kids from my writing class last semester are gunna do a 40's night cuz i still have yet to drink a 40, man beer is great but beer pong at cassies is not cool at all, i need to start hanging out with more dude that flirt with me to see how he likes it, too bad all my friends ex boyfriends totally suck (no offense tiff but i dont think id go play beer pong at steves or adams well maybe adams but that would be more like shooting up heroine or something not beer pong) im going shopping tomorrow with my moms money that i shouldnt spend but its only 50 bucks anyway ciz the other 50 my ass is spending on that fantastic boy o mine hes gunna be beat red when he gets his gift muahahhahaha n i just got my nails done and then i fucked them up cuz apparently an hour isnt enuf drying time....god i hate my life.... i figured out the housing situation for next year should be pretty cool me n heidi are gunna hop into colleen n jer's apt n they'll be like right down the hall so constant togetherness for us all :) n ummmm i dunno i dont really feel like typing anymore so thats good enuf oh yea, i tan as fuck its sweet haha ok peace

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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
8:06 pm - bored
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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
11:01 pm - well i'll be damned
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Saturday, January 29th, 2005
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Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
10:44 pm - stolen from sheeeeeeenaaaaaaaa
Ask me 4 questions.
Any 4, no matter how personal, private or random. (you can do this anonymously too...although that's probably setting me up for something)
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Should be interesting...

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7:47 pm - :/
i'm bored as fuck, and no one wants to come hang out with me not even that "wonderful" boyfriend of mine... oh he "wants" to see me but hes just not up to it and if he leaves his house he wont work on his project but im sure when lindsay or jackie call him tomorrow to go sledding or something he'll hop right out the door and i only constantly make these comments because they are true, you wont do very much at all for me but you'll do it for any other stupid little girl that talks to you and this shit gets really under my skin.

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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
5:37 pm - HAHA! this made me giggle
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Sunday, January 16th, 2005
5:30 pm - stolen....
My name is: Elise
I may seem: Bitchy
People who know me think: I'm crazy
If you knew me you'd probably: (guy) think i was weird (girl) think i was mean
Something you might not know about me: i cry at the end of a lot of really stupid movies like the land before time and bambi and blow....
Sometimes I feel: useless
My days are pretty: lame
Yesterday: I worked 6-2 came home slept got my nails done hung out at erics drove around for a smoke ride hung out at dimitris and came home and slept, boring sat night but better than todays been so far
In the morning I: smoke a cigarette
I like to sleep: naked
If I could be doing anything right now I would be: drinking beer
Money is: the root or all evil and cruel
One thing I don't have that I wish I did is: boobs or nice skin or money so i could buy myself those things
One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: a gut and love handles
All you need is: weed
All I need is: Cigarettes,weed, beer
If I had one wish it would be: to be a millionare or married to one
When I look in the mirror I see: a disgusting beast, i hate the mirror n it only gets worse and worse
Love is: a fucking confusing horrible wonderful bitch
If an angel flew into my window at night I would: catch it and sell it to the FBI
If a demon crashed into my window I would: i think i saw you on buffy once
If I could see one person right now it would be: brad pitt
Something I want but I don't really need is: clothes and shoes and jewels
I live for: nothing
I am afraid of: gtting kicked out of school for smoking weed in my dorm room
It makes me angry when: people are nieve and like stupid thing
I dream about: crazy shit like y teeth falling out or people chasing me with knives or being druged and dragged around sketchy people
I daydream about: killing people

1 Year Ago, I:
1. was tan
2. had a 3.3 gpa
3. had shorter brown and blonde hair
4. had my car sort of :(
5. wouldnt drink beer

2 Years Ago, I:
1. had way more friends
2. had just gotten my license
3. spent a lot of time wishing i was 18
4. went to a christmas dance with paul badger and then lil court had sex with him, gross
5. was 5lbs thinner

Yesterday I:
1. pushed around some stupid green cart
2. got my nails done
3. pooped
4. Smoked a pack of cigarettes.
5. thought about how i should be doing stuff for school

Today, I:
1. went to the outlets and bought nothing
2. smoked about 5 bowls already :/
3. watched porn
4. smoked a pack of cigarettes
5. hung out with dimitri and sean

Five Songs I Know All the Words To, Even Without the Music:
1. tori amos leather
2. saves the day sholder to the wheel or whatever
3. thursday the whole damn full collapse cd
4. sublime what i got
5. gossip night

Five Things I Would buy With $100,000:
1. boobs
2. clothes
3. soes
4. a car
5. rhinoplasty

Five Bands You've been listening Lately:
1. gossip
2. at the drive in
3. locust
4. mars volta
5. the donnas

Top Five Locations I'd Like To Run Away To:
1. fiji
2. jamaica
3. amsterdam
4. nepal
5. Mexico

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5:12 pm - figures im listening to cat power
haha, figures ....
chick rock is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

last night of my vacation and im spending it doing absolutly nothing, sooooooo gay i should be drunk by now i only spent 3 nights of this whole damn one month vacation drinking that is not adequite hydration for a college kid, damn

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Thursday, January 13th, 2005
10:27 pm - i hate faKe selfish uncaRing annoYing bitcheS who seem To erase mE from their memories N!
so, vacation is almost over... i dont wanna go back to school ive managed to get my moods up a lot since ive been home and im afraid im gunna get depressed again when i get back to school i wanna try some new things this semester like setting up a workout day like every wed go to the gym or something the only problem is if i have no one to go with or to make me go rather then i wont go.... so i dunno we'll see how that goes, n i really need to get a JOB at school even though i really dont want to, the every other weekend thing at fuller is just not cutting it but i think i might just stick with it this way and try to suck it up poor college kid style. and the whole apartment thing, i really want to get an apartment for the summer and the rest of my college stay but no roomies i think i might leave an invite on the BUnite page or suttin cuz im so cool like that?..... lets see anything else reletively interesting??? yea no i totally suck i got nothin

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Monday, December 20th, 2004
9:17 pm - but you, you were my favorite
sooo got my grades, except sculpture cuz batu is prolly fuckin around, i got a fucking B in art history how that happened i HAVE NO IDEA! i dont own the book never even looked at it in the store, i skipped a total of like 8 lectures i got a b- on the paper, i dunnoo but i got a B in writing and a B- in drawing and HA get this, and A- in painting, THANK YOU JOEL, now i'm glad i didnt switch outta his class next semester.....making my incomplete GPA for this semester a 3.01 and BATU i think is giving me a B+ so i may even get a 3.10 gpa, which whould be so sweet, been home for a couple days now working most of vaca 6-2 which is gunna suck majorly cuz i gotta go in at 530 cuz my mom needs to be at work at 6 and i aint got no car n shit soooooo.... i dunno its gunna be tough but whatever....

i already got most of my xmas gifts one i got for myself (with my moms money of corse, because i have NONE) but yea i got a SICK digi cam, Minolta DiMAGE z10 can use it manually and shit, i'm excited to play with it but i suck at playing with my new toys except my computer, that things awsome.....

Tonight, i'm goin on a spiritualy journal once my mom goes to sleep AKA takin some booms and playin video games for like 6 hours and then sleeping all day tomorrow, i'm excited......

The boyfriend situation, its turning into a love hate, hate love thing, i love him but i hate him but i love him ya know i dunno if its just cuz im confortable with all the big stuff so all the little things like the him not ever putting any effort into seeing me cuz he doesnt want to put miles on his car or ride the train by himeslf, thats getting old and the whole lets go hang out with my friends so i can leave you with a bunch of people you dont know and i'll go hang out with everyone else that i like and the do for me do for me but i wont do for you.... but whatever we'll see if it keeps up or if he finally understands where im commin from when i bitch about these things

ive been getting along better with the mothership lately, which is good, she held a lil XMAS bash which went really well, again THANK YOU COLLS SARAH AND JULES for comming and TIFF thanks too it was great seeing you, but seeing you made me worry a lil about how ur doin i think we need to do a drive around n smoke n talk night soon, (as soon as i have money for smoke :)) tiff n i r gettin our nips done for xmas, its gunna be sweet then we can like rub up against eachother and make a cool metal clanking noise :) well anyway thats enuf for now.... MUAH be good children

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Monday, December 6th, 2004
9:13 pm
so, the gossip didnt go as planned, i had to bug millions of people to get one person to go to with me to the first show ans one person to go with me to the second but i guess thats what i get for having a favorite band that like no one has ever heard of.... sat night was SWEET hung out with neal n his BC kids, went to BC for a while then to a BU frat part that was PACKED took a shroom chocolate peaked when we were going back to BC on the T haha went back to BC and watched the boys play beer pong on an makeshift setup involving 4 chairs a mini ironing board and a slap of cardboard this went on till about 5 then we chilled till 6 and went to dunkin doughnuts but that shit didnt open till 7 so we dicked aroun infront of D&D till it was open ate and parted ways to catch some z's........

now thats about the extent of my optimism because i have some usual shit to bitch about........ first of all since i didnt sleep sat night i slept all day sunday and didnt get a stich of painting done so i am currently 1 18x24 inch painting and 1 6x8inch painting behind and i have to work this weekend and they are due monday so basically i fucked myself in the last week of this semester but whatever,

second, im thinking of gettin some therapy or something again i really need to be medicated or something im not happy and nothing makes me happy except weed rolls booze sometimes and when people trip on the uneve sidewalks. i was trying to think of things that make me happy and all i could think of was the beach....even the whole relationship thing is starting to just piss me off and stress me out and thats getting be worried too....


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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
5:21 pm
i forgot to mention in my last entry how fucking excited i am for the gossip wed at the livingroom and thursday at ttthe bears, SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! everyone has to go with me cuz its gunna be the best ok thats good PEACE!

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12:08 pm

Your Life: The Soundtrack

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Opening creditsLouis Armstrong- What a Wonderful World
Waking upblondie- deamin
Average dayBikini Kill- Rebel Girl
First date
Falling in loveEtta James- At last
Love sceneL.L. Cool. J- Doin It
Fight sceneThe Locust- Hairspray suppository
Breaking upJoy Division- love will tear us apart
Getting back togetherNIN- Together now
Secret loveBritney Spears- Toxic
Life's okaySublime- Scarlet Begonias
Mental breakdownBlood brothers- under pressure
Drivingthe gossip- lily white hands
Learning a lessonLucious Jackson- Ladyfingers
Deep thoughtDepeche Mode- Personal Jesus
Flashbackmarilyn manson- topurniquet
Partyingeazy e- gimmie that nut
Happy danceaqua- happy boys and happy girls
RegretingTool- Sober
Long night aloneTori Amos- Leather
Death sceneModest Mouse- shit luck (followed by) Enigma- Saddness
Closing creditsDisney ride- Small World

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I did this quick im sure there are some better songs to suit my soundtrack but hey this one would work pretty well.....

and now for some thoughts, i didnt know it was sexy to gag while giving a blow job but apparently according to dimitri sean eric and whipped cream and honey not only is it hott to gag but spitting and drooling from about 3 feet off the cock is too, regardless im not going to make myself puke to get a dude off use a fucking vaccume.

Thanksgiving is gone and over, thank god, cant wait for that whole christmas thing to be over too and GOD DAMN i cant wait to see the sun some time thats not looking at it set while im at work or in class FUCK winter and Daylightsaving i'm dying here, i cant get myself to wake up in the mornings im skipping class more and more and not doing a single stich of homework ever i totally suck at life right now and i REALLY NEED TO FIGURE SOMETHING OUT

tripped on tuesday night it was pretty sweet except i wanted to feel good and it just made me wish i was trippin on acid not shrooms cuz shrooms make me just sit and be a huge asshole to anyone that talks to me and then 2 seconds later im tryin to get someone to do something for me cuz im trippin n lazy, maybe i'll roll this weekend cuz that makes me happy n shit but ofcorse i aint got a god damn cent, i need to start like strippin or sellin drugs or something i need money bad! ok well ive already skipped art history i should leave now if i wanna catch writing even though i dont want to but i guess i have to or something FUCK THIS ugh

i need to stop the pesemistic shit im starting to get all waight concious again but it just makes me eat more and then i feel really guilty i'll go all day on nothing but coffee and then i get home at 5 starving and i cave and eat and eat and eat till i got to bed at like 2 and its making me fat and i feel sooooo guilty ugh i just need to workout but ofcorse i have no one to do that with either beacuse i hate about 95% of the people i meet

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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
3:48 pm - deep down inside i am bologna? YES
first off i wanna say thanks to all the sweet responces i got to my last entry and im not being sarcastic. haha so ive been having some fun with my comp i dled sifl and oly and beavis and butthead and zim and rocko and its been a glorious weekend of laughter cuz ive been glued to the comp/tv shows i wish i knew what i had for homework so i would know what im procrastenating bahg im out

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Sunday, November 14th, 2004
11:46 pm - i lost a little bit of my heart this weekend
i dont even wanna write about it now, really shitty weekend due to some topics of conversation were still together but i dont know for how long :( i feel like my heart is breaking more and more everytime i think about it, i might need to stay away from boys for a while after this im sick of the constant heartache i mean he says he feels like hes missing out on somehting he said this is where our 'pasts' catch up to us saying in a nice way since you were a slut your are content with your numbers but i didnt get around and i think im not a man if i dont so i think i want out but im not sure yet so im going to leave you questioning everything and im going to make plans for the near future that dont involve you are you making a hint i just want you to tell me what you feel and what you want because there is nothing i can do about it but if we end this chapter of my life ends too and i hope i dont take it and shove it in the deepest crevise of my memories.......... id have to change a lot of things because i wont be able to go to attleboro anymore for work because my mom will make me leave at the night and i dont have the money to drive around by myself and do nothing from 6-12:30 sooo id try to not leave boston and try to keep myself from overdosing before sleep cuz i suck at this winter shit and i dont know what id do without you because i dont talk to anyone else about anything and i dunno fucking crying and hardly sleeping and also thinkg about all the homework ive neglected to get done this weekend due to all the other shit....please bury me with it.....

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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
5:30 pm - ask me what i am hehe
soooo last night i made friends with the drink of old my lovely rum n cokes ahh i lovem. hehe colls had a lil halloween costume get together thing i was a flasher soooo we all know how this ended up at one point we went to 7-11 and i was standing outside and these kids went to walk in and i go ask me what i am and they were like ummm what are you and i unzipped my coat and BAM theres my cute lil bod with cute bra and panties thrusting myself forward haha needless to say we got invited to several parties but went back to the best place ever, 844 beacon!!! hehe i randomly did that to about 20 people it was a sweet halloween much better than last years going to spikes with a certain cunt face named ltudyrn haha thats in code but we all know who im talkin about well that enuf for now except i hate daylight savings cuz its only 530 and it feels like its like 11 blah that and i have nothing to do, PEACE BITCHES!

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Thursday, October 28th, 2004
omg! last night was some SWEET history makin shit! ok so neal n dan came over n then there was me eden allison mike matt some chick kyla brigit and pat all crammed into the common room drinkin eden al brig and ky tryin to do homework me neal and dan feehan bashing and shit loads of trying to watch the game n get more drunk and have conversations haha the BAM RED SOX WIN THE WORLD SERIES BY SWEEPING THE CARDNALS YEAH FUCK YOU NELLY!!! RIOTS!!!!!!!! i smoked infront of the keep the face sign with pedro martenez pointing right at me and then i smoked on kenmore squr in the middle of the street before the po po started kicking everyone out i lost neal and dan and just walked around with mike and a nip of vodka courtesy my peer advisor hehe and then sat on the porch and watch the mayham dissipated by the riot police haha then i called neal at like 330 found out he got maced but he and dan got back here alright we chilled till like 4 and then they left and i went to bed BAM! only down side, i didnt wake up till 1130 missed art history wrote a one page paper for writing in like 20 min and then left went to that class but decided i wasnt in the mood for sculpture so i came back home and i think im goin back to sleep but man, totally awsome i told eric and sean they shoulda stayed. welllll can't fuckin wait for the perade and the patriots superbowl riot its like a fucking game i love it boston won me over last night i was beginnning to think i just wanted to go back to the burbs or whatever you want to call a place like attleboro the gettho haha but i fucking LOVE BOSTON AND THE RED SOX AND BEER! haha go college and drinkin on weds and skipping classes W00T W00T!


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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
7:36 pm - SIDEWALK SAM!!!
omg totally awsome i was just chillin at the CFA workin on my hallway and quess who stopped me and asked me to help tape up a mural for 10 bucks, SIDEWALK SAM... this guy is a legand i remember learning about him in like 5th grade and now ive met him and he said hes going to contact me to help out with some of his upcomming projects to help me get to know some people in the art world of public art, totally awsome i am soooo excited and this experiance absolutly made my day im so happy

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