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soooo things are good and things are bad but i have enuf of both to balance and keep me going for a while...
-first year of school all done and i managed to complete my first year with a 3.05 GPA and some new knowledge of a variety of things like how to paint better and how to grocery shop and deal with shitty laundry situations and cram for exams and write a 5 page paper in 3 hours and how to make awsome friends like heidi and colls all those who attended the jers night and drew n pat n more and hopefully more to come, i learned how to draw from life a little better and i somewhat learned about art and artists in general, in retrospect i am very pleased with my first year and am anticipant of my many more to come...
-as for this summer, a few issues i am broke but working on that but here is how bad my money situation is right now, i owe my mom 300$ for my first car insurance i have a 600$ debt built on my credit card, my bank account was over withdrawn and now holds a total of -35$ i have a car insurance bill for 226$ due early june and my next check isnt due till june 3 which will only be for 200$ if im lucky cuz unfortunatly i didnt get many hours my first few weeks back from school, i need to save up 550$ for housing next semester and i want to save some money for a spring break trip this yea and the montreal trip at the end of the summer
-to solve this problem i went in search of another job and found one at the place i cannot leave, fuller so i shall be working on the units as an MHS which pay 3$ more an hour than my cooking position and offers many hours to people like myself who are so poor they are always willing to work, so i'll have money but on the downside there will be days that i work 6am-2pm cooking and then 3pm-11pm MHS, rough stuff but hopefully i'll have something to show for it at the end of the summer...
-friday dimitri and i go to NY viz bus because my car (which i bitched and moaned to put back on the road) is going to explode and starts to overheat within 5 min and the engine starts to smoke within 15 so i cant even drive it to work :/.... and my heat stopped working but whatever so yea going to NY via bus to chinatown and then going to sox yankees game, sooo excited and then even better sat we're gunna go with heidi to the museam of modern art and then maybe greenwich village or something....
-but my baddest and saddest news, not that anyone else really cares or sees it this way, is dimitri.....is......going.....to.....umass.....amherst....:( got a ton of different feelings, hopes, fears, ect all attached to this one giant dilemia, but i'm going to cross that bridge when i get to it.....for now im tryin to concentrate on this whole really shitty money situation and shitty car situation and im crossing my fingers for a day soon that will be nice and warm and i wont be working so i can escape to the beach and bury myself in the sun and fruit and a good book and a world and a life that isnt this one....but i am happy, happy enough, if only i could fix my sleeping and eating patterns but i think id have to stop smoking so much to do that and i heart my herbal remedies far to much for that
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