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st valentine will you be mine

soooo the weekend was killer went party hopping friday and sat shopping sat and sunday pretty quality today in drawing class sucked painting was cool though my paintings looking pretty cool and as for tonight and celebrating my love, i'll be taking a nap and then watching tv and then smoking pot and then going back to bed, woohoo my life is so awsome (sarcastic) well thats a perfect update if i ever did see one, PS i'm really sorry colls n sarah but next weekend is my weekend to work n i might even be going home on thursday night and not returning till monday night if all goes as planned, but that almost never happens but SUPER HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!!

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hey this is caryn i dont know if u remember me but i was friends with kate charron
i found ur live journal by typing fariries in yahoo, i had to do a project on them but ur like website thing came up
and it the pictures looked familar and i was like omg i think i know this person
welll anways enough of the boring story
i just wanted to say hi
heh, HEY whats up my sn is alastkiss IM me sometime