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how bout an entry

soooo this semester is at the midterm im assuming since i have an exam wed and such...and the semester has been great a lot better than last year i'm feeling more comfortable and i <3 my friends no wonder i was so miserable all summer without them if only i could keep tiff n dimitri in boston with me, then id never leave. but of corse i would not write an entry without having things to complain about so here that all goes, WORK in both cases school and job are both not on my side... im currently sort of unemployed since i havnt handed any sort of schedual to fuller and i dont answer my phone when they call to see if i want to work ive been looking into some babysitting or something in boston but im not ambitious enuf to persue and i need the lack of a job to get the school work done, i am getting more and more homework which unlike most doesnt consist of reading or papers or presentations but huge drawings and tiny paintings and drafting drawings and paintings and all this crap that im not too good at prioritizing yet but hopefully all will go well and i can keep my 3.0 in hopes of studying abroad next year.....and well thats good on that for now, back to the positive. heidi is an awsome roomie, we just got a bunny well she did but im the co mommy cuz its so damn cute and fun to watch dart around the apt. only downside and this is a positive sometimes but we like never see eachother cuz of conflicting scheduals and boyfriends haha but thats always the case it seems. as for dimitri and i, all is well still a little one sided concidering i drive to amherst and back pretty frequently but when he comes home its to come home and not to come to boston he has still yet just come to boston to see me even though he has a bus ticket that he won for free that takes him to and from boston from amherst but whatever im just happy when i get to see him and happy i have someone to bitch to about my days on the phone every night even though he hates it and i guess i'm not a very good listener when it comes to phone conversations cuz i either stop listening or interupt him when he's talking but i'll work on that.....i think we are gunna get married or something terrible could happen and we will never talk to each other again because i always feel the impending cloud of doom looming over my head in everything that surrounds me.............but i suppose thats good for now hoorah hoorah :)
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