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and so it begins.....

here for year two, last night was a good time but unfortunitly im not going to have many weekend nights here because im going to be going home for work and when im not doing that im going to be going to amherst to visit dimitri.....i dunno if this is gunna work i dont want to go to my classes tomorrow im starting to get depressed i dont even want to go out anymore.... i hope i can make some friends in my classes this semester but that probably wont happen either. im still wishing i had money cuz i have no way to even try and do anything. i dont have any clothing. i need to shower but i forgot my towels at home :/ i forgot my cell phone charger at home too so i had to go out n get a new one today and thats all i did with my day.....im going to go rot more because thats all i can think of doing....wasting useless hours alone, this is why i wished dimitri were close so id have someone to waste time with, you think less about how much everything sucks when your with someone you love....whats the good of being with someone if you cant be with them?
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