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so i wanna go on a lil vaca mid to late aug (tiff im lookin in ur direction if you wanted to save up a few hundred bucks) one thing i was thinking of doing= montreal i found a few hotels that are in the 100 range a night for 2-4 people (2 queen or king beds) sooo with a group of 4 it wouldn't be more than 30$ a night and we can drink there a major plus OR my other idea since i have my credit card finally ive found that i can book a hotel online no problem even though your supposed to be 21 but if its booked online the hotel cant do anything about it sooo i was gunna get a room at a hampton beach hotel and just stay there and get really tan and maybe have someone come visit and make a stop at the NH store on the way, it would be sick, either way a good time and some what affordable i can drive to either place but montreal would be a bit of a hike but a hella good time, anyone interested in comming with? im just dying to go on a vaca this summer to get away before i go back to school, blah school, speaking of which, i should be there right now but im not cuz i wanted to watch the price is right and cuz im too cool for school......2 days till my birfday bitches :)

<----leonardo! hes so yiddle!
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