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fuck you 844 beacon laundry machines!

WORST EXPERIANCE OF MY LIFE! so im trying to do laundry cuz i hade no clothing left and im not joking my only clean items consisted of a few socks that didnt have pairs and about 4 t-shirts that i never wear but was starting to cuz i had nothing else, so i had lotsa laundry but i managed to fit it all in one washer at about 9 i then put them in the dryer at 930 at 1030 i went to put my bed stuff, sheets pillow cases comfiter pillows and mattress pad, i put all that in the wash started up an went to the dryer to take my cloths out an guess what, i tried to use the broken (but without any indication that it was broken) dryer, so then someone still had cloths in the other dryer and someone had cloths in the other washer that were done and waiting for a dryer so me, trying to be nice waited for my bed stuff to dry anf put everything in the dryer for 40 min and the dryer ate another 3$ in quaters of mine...... i take my stuff out 40 min later, everything is still wet not even damp, im talking WET sooooo i turned the common room into a drying room but my bed stuff is still soaked so i was like i'll just wait the hour till the other kids laundry is done and i'll dry my bed stuff for another 10 15 min.....i went down to check how much time the kid had on the dryer, yea he put his shit in for 90 min! so i put my pillows in with his stuff for 10 min but they are still wet, everything is still fucking soaked and my ass needs to sleep NOW cuz i have the day out of hell tomorrow ( meeting with prof at 830 class 9-10 class 10-1 class 1-2 class 2-5) and i still need to wait for my shit to dry, make my bed, and fold all the cloths in the common room, so my ass isnt gunna get a wink of sleep untill about 3 which is just so fucking awsome, and at this moment, i completely and utterly hate my life oh yea and to make it worse theres a beer pong party in one of the basement rooms right next to the laundry machienes and i got to sit out side and listen to everyone having a good time.........again, i loathe my exsistance
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