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a re cap of the the past few weeks

well ummm not too much is going on, this semester my problem isnt in my art classes but my academic classes im teetering on a c in art history due to a paper in which i recieved a b and an exam in which i recieved a c- another test and paper to go but man, i dunno the teacher for this half of the semester is nuts and REALLY hard to follow but at least im tryin to go to lectures now, and death and immortality, well i got a b on the first paper for that and then a 65 on a quiz which is apparently a c- so one more quiz one more paper and an exam for that class but i dont have the books for either of those classes cuz i never bothered to get them so im kinda putting myself in a shitty position as usual and my art classes are ok i just have a habbit of not going to those as well, and its not like i dont go to do cool things i dont go and just sit around and get fat but it will all work out i'll either do alright but pull my GPA way down or i'll end up failing something and have to take it again next year since all the classes ive taken thus far are required for my graduation but whatever....

on another note..... absolutly nothing, been drinking a lot lately not something to brag about or be proud of just something ive been doing to occupy my time, as long as i dont need it to solve problems, then i dont have problems.....im getting poor again even though i worked those extra days my account will still hit zero before my next check, im gunna work 2 jobs this summer and bust my ass but i'll still be poor all of next school year and im never going to go home.........

my baby is doing well, both dimitri and leonardo :) dimitri is still waiting to hear from some schools it kinda scares me, if he goes to UMASSamherst like his mom wants him to and like he will if he doesnt get into or want to go to BU or Northeastern then we wont suirvive which raises the question will we even be together this summer or will he pull that well i want to be free the summer before i go to college bullshit like some people i know did last year, i dunno its kinda sad, kinda exciting especially if he does end up comming to BU next year cuz then we can hang out like nuts and stuff like we did before i came to school even though we do see eachother a lot now but thats all courtesy of me going to attleboro cuz getting him to come to boston is still a bit of a hassle so i sorta gave up but since its such a hassle for me to get him to come here from attleboro i know it'll be impossible to get him to come see me from amherst and i dont have a car anymore so how the hell would i go see him but i guess he isnt even bringing his car there if he goes, so ya see all these problems............i just wanna love him while i can hopefully that'll be forever we've had some deep intellectual relationship chats about marriage and kids and stuff and i can see myself with him forever but he still feels like hes missing out on something opr those were the vibes i got i dunno its hard to read him sometimes

enuf mushy crap, i wanna go to bonnaroo but im poor and i dont have a car so im still looking for someone whos going so i can get a tick and go with them and have a killer time

well good for now im heading back to attleboro for easter or something everyone be good MUAH
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