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boohoo bonnaroo

sooooo bored! lets get this all out her........ spring break, wasnt much but i did do some cool stuff like bought my prom dress and i got it hemmed and i worked a lil extra so i'll have money to buy shoes and accessories, got dimitri an ipod for our 2 year, he got me a tortoise, i named him leonardo when he gets bigger (hes only a hatchling now) im gunna make him a sick ninja turtles outfit it'll be so cute i cant wait but the thing could possibly outlive me if i can get it through this first week, hes been scared so he hasnt eaten yet but hopefully that'll be just a phase.....i hate cassidy gale, god that bitch pisses me of cuz she tries so damn hard and sean is a brainwashed fuck im so dissapointed in that kid but not much more to say on that......may or may not be going to bonnaroo sara from downstairs really wants to go and shes willing to drive even though i cant really afford tix i really wanna go more for the road trip than the fesival since shitty bands like DMB and OAR are gunna be there but whatever the mars volta and modest mouse, sick nasty... since i didnt go anywhere for a senior trip and i didnt go anywhere for spring break i think i should go on this fuckin trip and if not im just gunna steal a car and drive to mexico or something.........MSI in aprin, MARS VOLTA in may, 58 days of classes left things are looking golden at the moment

lets see, what else ooooo i got a credit card, with a 2,000$ credit line! how the hell that happened i dunno but im gunna have to fight some urges to splurge cuz theres no APR for the first 6 months so i could really fuck myself but pay it off without interest as long as i can pay it off in a half year, i think i wanna look for a place that does boob jobs for 2,000 and just charge it, that would be sick

i need a new piece and a greenhouse so i dont have to spend my money on the usual it really is breakin my bank since i only work two days every other week ive really noticed how i should be using that money for groceries and art supplies and books and i feel like a loser spending it on other things, but im still pissed about the government robbing my blind with my taxes so fuck the law.

classes are decent im getting back into my whatever mode where i dont care how much my drawings or painting suck and i doubt i'll start going to art history again especially if i did decent on the last exam cuz i only went to two lectures two discussion sections and one review section but i still dont even know what i got on my paper cuz i wasnt in class when we got em back but the paper sucked and i handed it in a day late so im thinkin a c- meaning i need to get a b+ on that test i was bullshitting my way through before break and then aim for a b or b+ on the next paper and tests, going to lecture would greatly benefit my situation, but i just cant get myself to go... death and immortality is a joke when i go to that i just sit there and do the BUFREEP crossword (im getting sick at them) but yea i got a b+ on my first paper in that class we have an objective quiz on thursday which im thinking will be cake and then another quiz and paper and a final which is like a few short essays but the class is all just ideas again really easy to BS i dunno i really done with this school shit i really wanna take a year off but no way will it happen unless i stop carring to the point that i get kicked out for failing shit haha i probably could afford to take some more english classes but fuck it


i guess im done for now

gnight all
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